Blog: How to ensure your business survives the chaotic early years

19 February 2020


Did you know that, across the world, there are 250 babies born every minute? Furthermore, entrepreneurs are giving birth to 407,571 new businesses each month. Now, that’s a lot of people starting the day with a life-changing event. It’s messy, stressful and a big brave step into what is often the complete unknown – No, we’re not talking about bringing a child into the world but beginning a brand-new business. Even if you are a seasoned entrepreneur, every new start-up will throw up obstacles and unexpected events (both good and bad) as well as the dysfunctionality that every family can relate too.

So, how do you survive the early chaotic years to grow your start-up baby into a flourishing business?


For the first few years of a business, it can feel like every day is an exhilarating, if not at times exhausting, mix of care giving, creativity and firefighting. With a baby, you may be up all hours tending to it’s needs. This can be the same for your business too. Answering emails at every hour of the day with some business challenges keeping you awake at night. A heightened sense of urgency across the board. Know that today’s crises will pass…only to be replaced with fresh challenges!


Just like raising a child, the whole world will have an opinion on the do’s and don’ts. What you should do and what you shouldn’t. As the business owner, you have family and friends, suppliers, customers, employees and maybe investors all offering you great ideas and telling you what you want to see from your business. An abundance of business wisdom that makes Dragons Den look positively amateurish. While it may feel like you have to appease everyone, your business is your vision, and yours alone. It is up to you to assemble the team that will get you the success you want to see.

If you feel that things are veering off-course, then remember your business objectives and vision that you’ve had from the beginning. It is up to you to lead your business in the direction you want to go while having the right support there for any business challenges.


A child needs clear, consistent instructions to learn. If your direction seems muddled, then those in your team will never be able to understand your vision and commit to your goals. Setting a business plan and having defined objectives can be really crucial for you and the team, allowing you to all be on the same track.

With this, staying calm and grounded is crucial too. It is normal for a new business to face bumps in the road. How you manage to keep your cool and continue to see the bigger picture will be essential for growing your business. Some parents keep a diary of their baby growing up. That might be fun to do and great to reflect on in later years. What is really valuable though is to keep your business data….all of it.


So, there you have it, growing your start-up baby into the established business you want it to be. Then, you’ve entered the teenage years of sleeping in all day (business stagnation), creating your adult identity (branding) and make the right future decisions (mapping out your business projections). Don’t worry; we’ll cover the awkward teenage years in another post!

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