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Working effectively and safely in a post-pandemic world is one of the biggest challenges organisations face today. Protecting staff and visitors costs a lot of money, is a significant call on management time and is on everyone's mind. It has to be done.

As the scientific experts have been telling us, bacterial and viral transmission significantly happens in places that we touch. So how do we manage these risk moving forward.

How do managers ensure that their offices, shared equipment, communal furniture and shared rooms don't become havens for infections to rapidly spread ?

Introducing UV-C ultraviolet light disinfection solutions from Uvisan.

Metro, in partnership with Uvisan - probably the world leader in Ultraviolet light disinfection - offers you a faster, more sustainable, environmentally friendly and lower full-life cost solution to sanitisation.

If's a simple and easy to use solution that is highly effective. It's also used by the UK NHS and approved by world leading technology companies like HP and RealWear.

  • Disinfect that surface areas that matter.
  • Quick and easy to scale disinfecting up to 30 headsets per cabinet
  • Kills 99.99% of all viruses in just 5 minutes
  • Lower full-life cost
  • Easier to use and more environmentally friendly than wiping with chemicals
  • Store, lock, charge and disinfect at the same time in one cabinet
  • Integrated solutions to disinfect entire rooms

Metro is helping organisations better manage their workplace environments in a sustainable, affordable manner. Making it easier to bring people back to the workplace safer and in a way that moves us all on from the costly and environmentally damaging and time consuming manual sterilisation methods that got us through the pandemic.

  • Faster disinfection
  • Easier to manage
  • Lower full-life costs

To purchase a Uvisan cabinet please go to our webshop or email us for non card purchases.

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