Metro offers various services to you get the best out of your subscriptions and related investments. From Office 365 and Microsoft 365 through to Dynamics 365 and making CPQ work seamlessly. Through to upgrading your contact centre so that it can handle calls and messages and do so in a way that delivers great customer service.

Let's also protect your assets, all of your assets – your data, your intellectual property and your reputation. Your shareholders trusted you and invested heavily in those assets. It's your duty to care for them and Metro can help you.

Migration services

Moving to the Cloud, in particular moving to Office 365, needs a carefully planned and executed migration. Get it right and your business moves to a highly productive tool set very quickly.

Protect your reputation

Like it or not our reputations substantially love online. What people hear about our brands, companies and business leaders increasingly influences their purchasing and investment decisions. Metro offers a unique service for monitoring reputation enabling you to keep abreast of developments and respond appropriately.

Protect your IPR

Intellectual property rights is a crucial part of the value businesses create and a key competitive advantage. IPR generally falls into four categories: , copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

When IPR is lost or stolen it can be catastrophic to your business confidence, your revenue streams and shareholder value. Proactively responding when you discover the data loss significantly reduces potential damage.

Protect your data

Data loss prevention (DLP) is an increasingly important issue for businesses. Managing data in an increasingly cloud first and geographically distributed workforce is not without challenges. Office 365 and Microsoft 365 from Metro changes that.

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