This is a new epoch for the first line worker. With the remote working business model proven globally, businesses can now gain momentum by doing more remote working, doing it better and empowering firstline workers with tools and capabilities that transform the way they work.


Smooth transitioning to innovative new ways of working helps you to more quickly reap the benefits of your investments. From processes to remotely supporting customers, Metro helps you make the changes.

Turnkey solutions

Our default position is to deliver solutions that work "out-of-the-box". We can also offer turnkey solutions, designed to satisfy specific requirements, that can be readily implemented into your business.

Bespoke support

From digitising existing paper-based Firstline worker processes through to rapid-response headset swap-repair with all accessories, Metro can deliver customised support to satisfy your precise requirements.

Project Financing

In partnership with our Finance Partners, Metro can fund your migration from legacy to new ways of working in a way that supports your business case and aligns your investments with your benefits.

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