Augmented Reality Fast-Track

Augmented Reality Fast-Track

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays text, images or sound onto the real world and often with collaborative interaction too. Metro's AR Fast-Track helps businesses rapidly assess how AR can help their business - from delivering new services through to better engaging with and supporting customers remotely.

  • Remote expert
  • Pick by vision
  • Process compliance

AR promises businesses many benefits and delivers robust solutions to many of the challenges they face. To remotely deliver much needed services to their customers and offer a new generation of services too. AR also helps to rapidly up-skill people with new knowledge, skills and abilities with expert support on-tap.

Metro's AR solutions are based on world class AR products services and applications. We focus on AR tools designed and built for demanding applications and tested in challenging environments. Tools that are fast to deploy, easy to use, that uses proven technology and can easily be integrated into enterprise systems

  • Easy to use
  • Rapid deployment
  • Proven reliable technology
  • Full turnkey solution that can be integrated
  • Scalable
  • Cost effective

Augmented Reality tools are leading the way organisations operate. They transform the learning experience making it richer and more realistic through an immersive and practical experience. AR also brings the experts to where they are needed; remotely helping on-site staff to do their job.

By enabling organisations to bring relevant information, guidance and expertise to wherever it is needed, AR has proved itself to be a tangible enabler for an increasing number of organisations.

Metro helps organisations onboard AR extremely quickly with a very streamlined process.

  • an online demonstration plus discussion:
  • we'll collect some data from you e.g. how many users you need? "Headset users" i.e. field staff & "admin users" i.e. people who access data, discuss your current processes and agree a "launch" workflow if needed.
  • We'll then give you an offer
  • Once the offer is accepted we'll arrange shipping of the headsets and give you online access
  • On receipt of your headsets we'll get you operational very quickly
  • and regularly review with you fine tuning the service as agreed

And if things need changing then we'll work with you and change them - fast.

Metro's fast-track package delivers proven Augmented Reality solutions for all sectors using industry leading technology for industry leading technology suppliers including Real Wear. Sectors covered include:

  • Medical (with thermal imaging options to measure body temperature)
  • Security (with hands-free video and voice recording)
  • General Industrial
  • Ruggedised environments (including Intrinsically Safe i.e. certified for ATEX Zone 1 and CSA C1/D1)
  • Office based and Educational

Our package is a full turnkey offering. Components in the package can include:

  • RealWear Headset(s) with hands-free operation
  • Workflow management for easy recording of data for structured environments
  • 5 ready built workflow modules to get you started and help fast-track your AR learning and effectiveness
  • Customisation of these modules
  • Web based storage for easy information storage and retrieval
  • Consultancy services to assess your current situation and how AR can best help your organisation
  • Consultancy for fine tuning of the solution e.g. to connect to Microsoft Power Automate / Flow and build the automation process e.g. send your data to a SharePoint destination

The fast-track package enables customers to become operational extremely quickly delivering the benefits of the solution today with the flexibility to integrate with your enterprise systems tomorrow.

Contact Metro today. We offer a rapid response service subject to availability.

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