AR Fast-Track

Here at Metro, we understand that Augmented Reality (AR) is quickly changing the way businesses operate. It helps your people do more in less time and that saves precious money. It helps increase quality and delver consistent quality across the organisation too. It also helps you do things in powerful and creative new ways. Ways of working that will very soon become the norm.

By using our AR Fast-Track one-stop-shop, we can rapidly help your business realise the benefits of using AR in all aspects of business, from enhanced training to delivering new services and ensuring compliance in procedures.

Our easy to use, cost-effective solutions are based on world-class products and services that are easily integrated into enterprise systems. Our fantastic package includes everything you need to optimise your digital workflow. This includes an innovative Remote Expert, an expertly designed, high-quality video conferencing solution enhanced with Augmented Reality annotations, encouraging efficient work and effective communication.

Why wait? At Metro, we pride ourselves on our streamlined process and speed. We help businesses discover the benefits of AR as quickly as tomorrow. We aim to have you using the first generation of the delivered solution functioning just one week after receiving your payment. If you’re unsure about your businesses current situation, we also offer a consultancy service, where a member of our friendly and professional team will assess how Augmented Reality would best help your organisation and enhance your success.

For a quick, cost-effective step into the future of business, contact Metro today for more information or go to our webshop and order the service today.

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