Website Terms of Use

1 Important information about using our website

The text on this page (and any documents we refer to in it) sets out the terms and conditions for using our website,, and our other websites (microsites).

Please read this information carefully before you start using our website(s).

By using our website(s), you confirm that you accept these terms of use and agree to keep to them. If you do not agree to these terms, please stop using our website(s) immediately.

2 The law

Any disagreement under these terms and conditions will be decided by the courts of England and Wales.

3 About us

Our websites and microsites, listed above, are owned and managed by Metro Communications Limited.

Metro Communications Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales (registration number 09830324). Our registered office is 128 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX.

4 Terms

In this document the words we, us and our mean Metro Communications Limited. The word you means you, the person using our website(s).

5 Accessing our website(s)

We allow you to have temporary access to our website(s). We may remove or change the services we provide on our website(s) in any way and without giving you notice. We are not legally responsible if our website(s) is not available for any reason.

From time to time, we may limit access to some or all of our website(s).

You must keep confidential any user identification codes, passwords or other information you use as part of our security procedures or to access our website(s). You must not share it with any other person or organisation.

6 Information about you and your visits to our website(s)

For details about what information we collect about you and your visits, how we collect it and how we use it, please read our privacy policy.

7 Relying on information posted

You should not rely on comments and other information that is posted on our website(s). Information posted on our website(s) may be out of date. We do not have to update this information and we may leave it on the website(s) – for example, to help customers who have bought products that may now be seen as old or obsolete. We aim to provide good-quality, up-to-date information and to be accurate at all times, but we cannot guarantee this. Because of this, we are not legally responsible for anything that happens as a result of you relying on materials available on or through our website(s).

8 Changes to our website(s)

We may regularly change the content and design of our website(s). If we need to, we may make our website(s) unavailable temporarily or for longer, without telling you when it will be available again.

9 Uploading information to our website(s)

We will not treat anything you upload to our website (such as screenshots or photos of faults) as confidential or owned by you. That means we may use it, copy it, and share it with other people and organisations for any purpose. We are not responsible for the content or accuracy of anything you upload to our website(s). If we believe that anything you have uploaded does not meet the standards set out in our acceptable use policy or we think it may affect another person’s or organisation’s intellectual property rights, we may remove it. If you upload anything to our website(s) that in our opinion could be criminal by nature then we will not hesitate to take the matter to the Police and support the authorities in bringing a case against you.

10 Links from our website(s)

Our website(s) includes links to other websites and resources provided by other organisations. These links are for your information only. We have no control over the content of the websites or resources linked to. We are not responsible for them or for any loss or damage that results from you using them. If one of our links is broken, please tell us so we can fix it.

11 Linking to our website(s)

You may link to our home page in a way that keeps to the law and doesn’t damage or take advantage of our reputation. Please do not link to our website(s) in a way that suggests that we approve of or endorse something, or that we are associated with it, if we have not agreed to this. To ask for our permission, please send an email to and tell us about the link you want to create to our website(s). If we give our permission, we may withdraw it later without telling you first. If you create a link to our website(s), social media profiles or other online presence from a site that we do not want to receive links from, we will ask you to remove that link immediately. If you do not remove the link, we will take legal action against you.

12 Purchases

When you buy from us through our website(s), our terms and conditions of supply apply. These are available on request.

13 Acceptable use

Whenever you upload something to our website(s), including links, or communicate with other people using our website(s), you must keep to our acceptable use policy (available on request).

14 Viruses, hacking and other misuse

You must not misuse our website(s) or services. You must not try to gain access to our website(s) or any of our systems if you do not have our permission. You must not take part in any attack that aims to shut down our website(s) or make it unavailable to users (a denial-of-service attack). If you do not keep to this condition, you are breaking the law as set out in the Computer Misuse Act 1990. We will report this to the relevant authorities, co-operate fully with them and take legal action against you to get the highest level of compensation from you.

If you break this condition, you will no longer have any of the rights set out in these terms of use but you must still keep to your legal responsibilities.

15 Intellectual property rights

We are the owner of or hold a licence for all the intellectual property rights that apply to our website and the information it contains. These rights are protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world and we may use them.

You must always acknowledge that we (and any contributors we have named) are the authors of our website content. If you want to use any part of the content on our website(s) for business purposes, you must get our permission in writing first.

Copyrights, registered trademarks and trade marks are identified by the use of the special characters ©, ® and ™. They are owned by us and other organisations. We acknowledge the ownership of others and make no claims whatsoever on the intellectual property of others.

16 Our legal responsibilities

We do not guarantee that the information published on our website(s) is accurate.

As far as the law allows, we are not responsible for any loss or damage that you suffer because of using our website(s) or not being able to use our website(s), including any websites we have linked to and any materials or information posted on our website(s). This means we are not legally responsible for:

  • loss of income or revenue;
  • loss of business;
  • loss of profits or contracts;
  • loss of savings you expected to make;
  • loss of data;
  • loss of goodwill;
  • wasted management or office time; or
  • any other loss or damage, however it happens, even if it could have been predicted.

However, you may claim for loss of, or damage to, your physical property and any direct financial losses that are not excluded above.

17 Changes to these terms

We update these terms of use from time to time. Please check this page when you visit our website(s) to make sure you keep up to date with any changes we have made.