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Firstline businesses are encountering unprecedented staffing issues

Today’s businesses are facing a unique problem. As workforce conditions have improved, adapted, and changed, your needs and requirements have evolved. With unemployment at an all-time low, there are fewer workers than ever to fill those essential roles – and with more employees retiring out of field operations than ever before, there’s never been a better time to adapt to the future of firstline.

By the year 2021, nearly 2 million skilled, trained and onboarded service and support workers will be required to replace retiring experts – without any of the benefits of the expertise, mentorship, and veteran insights that they once would have had. But how can companies hope to meet this demand, while ensuring their staff is adequately trained, prepared, and qualified for the work at hand?

Digital solutions for firstline workers from Metro

Metro is the answer to your training problems. Our digital training solution, and position as remote experts in the field, can ensure your new workers can access the training they need. No longwinded approaches, costly training initiatives, or ineffective processes required. We achieve results,and we do it remotely. Here’s how:

Immersive, digital learning

The core of the Metro digital training experience is providing e-learning that suits the needs and habits of your workers. The average firstline employee uses digital technology far more than pen-and-paper or in-person learning. By tapping into this powerful learning tool, we’re able to ensure a higher standard or knowledge retention.

Engagement through augmented reality

Using immersive augmented reality, we provide a valuable and entirely new way to reduce training costs while also enhancing learning. For employees starting work during COVID-19 restrictions, the use of AR can be a powerful and compelling tool to ensure complete training without ever requiring travel.

A viable alternative to on-the-job learning

According to the Service Council, as much as 70% of service organisations will be met with knowledge loss as a result of an ageing workforce. Mentorships are no longer a foregone conclusion, and on-the-job training doesn’t bring frontline workers up to speed fast enough.

Evolve your training today

In the average classroom, as much as 90% of knowledge will be lost within the first week. With an increasing need to onboard and skill-up workers as swiftly as possible, you shouldn’t settle for less. With Metro, digital training provides a powerful and viable solution to suit your workforce. Utilising our industry knowledge, expert skill, and insight, we’re the evolution your business needs to stay ahead of the knowledge curve.

Does travel-free, augmented reality remote training sound like the solution for your business? Get in touch today to find out just what Metro could offer you.

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