About Us

When connections matter

Today, businesses rely on technology more than ever before to be competitive, secure and compliant. And to communicate effectively, you need to be connected all the time. That means even the slightest interruption to your Internet connection can cause problems. We know how important connections are, so we only offer the best IT and telecommunications products and services to our customers – mainly businesses in the UK.

The best technology from the best companies was once the preserve of big business and the government. But not any more. Metro is breaking the mould by helping smaller UK businesses to benefit from these top-quality solutions.

Our partners include respected world leaders Microsoft, RealWear, Armour Communications, Beyond Encryption and NordVPN. Companies known for being clear leaders in their field of expertise. Because we work with these industry leaders, we know we’re doing our best for our customers.

We’re committed to offering you products, services and applications that add real value to your business. We’ll support you to make the most of advances in technology in powerful, practical ways.

In a connected world, connections matter

Our mission

Our mission is to help business leaders get the most out of cloud technology, specifically to help them:

  • generate new business
  • better engage with their customers and
  • protect their business assets.

Metro also notes our duties to our stakeholders; suppliers, partners, shareholders, employees and society. We have a duty to treat all of our stakeholders honourably, fairly, respectfully and fulfill our part of the agreements we have with them.

  • to pay suppliers on time and be a good customer
  • to cooperate professionally with partners
  • to protect shareholder investments and generate shareholder returns
  • to treat staff fairly and respectfully
  • to be a good corporate citizen; paying our taxes and doing the right thing for society

The Metro Communications Foundation will be a principle tool for the business to be a good citizen. Specifically it will seek to help those most in need, the poorest and most desperate on the planet, and to make a broader positive social and environmental impact where we can. The Metro Communications Foundation will be formed when the business achieves certain targets and will become a major shareholder in the company holding no less than 10% of the ordinary shares in the company.

Metro has also embarked on the journey to become a B Corporation and hope to achieve B Corporation Certification in 2020. An important step on a lifelong journey for the business.

Our vision

Our vision is to make IT and communications technology simpler and be your partner of choice.

Technology is filtering into every aspect of our lives. As a result, it is playing an ever more vital role and becoming increasingly connected. All this is creating new opportunities for businesses to grow and succeed.

Businesses that use the power of technology will find new ways of doing things that give them a strong advantage. And we believe that the companies who make the most of these opportunities will be the most successful in their markets.

We look at the world through your eyes, while bringing the benefit of our insight and experience. Together, we’ll find technological solutions that help your business grow, better engage your customers and protect your assets.

We look forward to working with you.