About Us

Be there, Wear IT

The Covid19 pandemic changed the world forever. Remote working is now commonplace, with more firstline workers using innovative new technologies for the first time. With such radical and thoroughgoing changes, there will be no going back to the old way of doing things.

The smartest, most innovative technology was once the preserve of the big brands. Not any more. Metro is enabling businesses of all sizes to take advantage of market-leading solutions. Smart powerful products, services and applications that gives your firstline workers the tools they need to do amazing things and really make a difference.

Formal company status

Metro Communications Ltd is commonly referred to as Metro. The business is a private limited company registered in England and Wales, registration number 09830324. The business is VAT registered with the UK Government. Metro is also registered on the Information Commissioner's Office Data Protection Register, registration number ZA495866.

Our commitment to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Metro is committed to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the abolition of both modern slavery and human trafficking. Our culture commits us to sustaining and ensuring that a positive respectful working environment exists for our staff.

Discriminatory behaviour and nefarious practices are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. We also have a zero tolerance of abusive behaviour and language as that effectively represents institutional discrimination.

The starting point is with Metro. Specifically that we do not contact staff during their days off, that compulsory overtime is forbidden and we do not put them under any pressure to do any work on their days off. We pay staff on time, pay the agreed amount in full and provide full legal documentation to them. We never retain personal papers such as passports.

We need all staff to feel confident that they can expose wrongdoing without any risk to themselves. This is a line of reporting directly to the Directors with independent witness support offered.

We carry out checks to ensure that all prospective employees are legally entitled to work in the UK. We also train each member of staff to ensure that everyone knows what to look out for regarding identifying human trafficking locally.

So far as is practical to check in the public domain, we do not enter into business with any organisation which knowingly supports or is found to be involved in slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour.

Given the niche nature of our business we assess Metro to have a low risk of modern slavery in our business as the people we work with tend to be known by our network and our supply chains, all of whom are respected professionals.

Our mission

"To equip organisations with world leading tools that help their firstline workers do more and do it safer."

Metro also notes our duties to our stakeholders; suppliers, partners, shareholders, employees and society. We have a duty to treat all of our stakeholders honourably, fairly, respectfully and fulfill our part of the agreements we have with them.

  • to treat everyone we deal with fairly and respectfully
  • to pay suppliers on time and be a good customer
  • to cooperate professionally with partners
  • to protect shareholder investments and generate shareholder returns
  • to be a good corporate citizen; paying our taxes and doing the right thing for society

Our vision

"Work. It's people not a place"

Remote working and the enhancement of firstline jobs with advanced technology creates opportunities for organisations to do things differently and better. And the benefits are compelling for everyone.

  • Increase performance for the organisation
  • Reduce cost for the organisation
  • Increase responsiveness
  • Improve organisation efficiency
  • Reduce / eliminate the need to travel
  • Creates opportunities for those with physical disabilities
  • Increased work-life balance
  • Cut carbon emissions