Rather than writing chapter and verse about modern day slavery and business ethics, a practice that risks hiding a million sins, Metro would prefer a more focused approach, albeit more revealing, about our ethical compass.


Modern day slavery is typified by exploitative situations where a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, deception and/or abuse of power. It takes many forms and is unacceptable.

Question: Where is Metro most likely to meet modern day slavery and how can we best manage it?

Answer: Very infrequently, but sometimes, we have engaged the consulting services of IT consultants who offer their services via commercial websites. Some of these individuals are in developing countries. On the one hand it is good to work with these individuals as we get things done across different time zones and we are contributing to the development of their economy. On the other hand we can not validate that these individuals are free from modern day slavery. Moving forwards we will consulting with companies we know and trust and get their recommendations as that gives us more than one reference point.


Some customers exploitatively pay their suppliers late, if at all. This causes tremendous trauma is an abusive, if not criminal, practice and can destry businesses and lives.

Question: Where is Metro's position and how can we best manage it?

Answer: To pay our invoices on time, all the time. Specifically :

  • To agree payment terms at the outset of a deal and stick to them
  • To explain our payment procedures to suppliers
  • To pay bills in accordance with any contract agreed with suppliers or as required by law
  • To tell suppliers without delay when an invoice is contested, and settle disputes quickly
  • Where we need to provide refunds to do so quickly and explain to customers why there might be delays of variances e.g. exchange rate fluctuations.

We will also avoid doing business with companies and companies whose Directors have a track record or reputation for such practices.