Secure remote expert

Expert access on-demand

Not enough experts to go around?

Expertise is a must for just about any firstline business – but with an increase in demand, more pressure for fast response and a limited number of experts available, it’s more of a challenge than ever to meet requirements promptly and effectively. Whether due to travel restrictions from COVID-19 or straightforward issues of distance, it isn’t feasible for experts to be everywhere at once. Leading to long delays, inefficient processes, and higher costs.

With movement restricted more than ever, an alternate solution is a must to access that expert support wherever your firstline workers are. Metro has the answer, with a full-digital, easy to use and intuitive system: The Secure Remote Expert Service. As pioneers in the field of remote expertise, our service provides your firstline workers with the invaluable tools and knowledge they need to get the job done right.

Digital expertise designed for your business

There’s more of a need than ever for dedicated, high-quality remote services. That’s precisely what we deliver at Metro, with a secure, full digitised solution to a modern problem. From doctors requiring consultations to engineers needed expert insight immediately, our Secure Remote Expert service covers it all. Expertise in front of your eyes or in your ears, with no need to travel and no long delays. Now that’s efficient.

Through our service, your on-site workers will have immediate and consistent access to the support they need. By sharing their live view with remote experts, they can quickly and easily reach solutions and solve problems on the go. No bottlenecks, waiting around or costly delays required. Not only does this enhance the work your staff can do, but it also gives you access to a larger pool of experts anywhere in the world. With our digital solution, travel restrictions are a thing of the past.

Remote expertise delivered directly to your workers

With no go-between, no chain of communication or miscommunication, your firstline workers are well-equipped to carry out their work to the highest standard. Our Secure Remote Expert service is an entirely flexible solution, offering a medium to access consultancy, carry out diagnostics and immediately identify issues with far less margin for error.

  • Cut travel costs
  • Increase responsiveness
  • Secure remote expert technology
  • High quality video calls, even in low bandwidth environments
  • Augmented reality annotations
  • Whiteboard functionality on top of a frozen stream
  • Full hardware control of camera, microphone and flashlight

Interested in what Metro has to offer? Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss whether our Secure Remote Expert service is the ideal fit for your business needs.

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