Metro Communications provides IT and telecommunications services that keep your business competitive, secure and compliant. We specialise in high-quality solutions designed with security and performance in mind.


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Why Metro Communications?

Our world is becoming ever more connected. As a result, today’s businesses need reliable and secure communications.

At Metro we find the best technology on the market and offer you a customised menu of products and services to meet your telecommunications, IT and data security needs.

Because we work with trusted brands, you can be sure that we use world-class, high-quality products and services that help you communicate securely and efficiently. Most importantly, by looking after your technology we free you up to concentrate on growing your business.

With us as your IT and telecommunications partner, you can:

  • work securely and confidently, wherever you are
  • protect your valuable data and sensitive communications from being intercepted by criminals over mobile phone networks
  • raise an alarm if your computer system is being hacked
  • discover whether your data is up for sale on the ‘dark web’, the part of the World Wide Web where users can buy and sell stolen information anonymously
  • make your company more resilient to ‘phishing’ attacks, which encourage people to reveal sensitive information by clicking on a fraudulent link
  • defend against ‘denial of service’ attacks, which block your company’s online services and prevent customers from making payments and purchases
  • comply with national and international regulations on data security.

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