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Metro. Be there, Wear IT.

Be there, Wear IT.

Solve technical problems without travelling

Across industry and healthcare, organisations are increasingly turning to advanced tools for firstline workers to improve operational efficiency and help drive performance. Tools that enable great people to commission new facilities, to keep mission critical operations running smoothly and to quickly and powerfully engage expert support at a time when travel has not been possible.

Metro are experts in business class solutions for firstline workers. We offer remote assistance, digital workflow and advanced augmented reality and AI enhanced support tools that helps increase productivity and powerfully connect the right experts at the right time.

We can help you transform your organisation from manual / paper-based operations to digital processes using our secure, reliable IT solutions. From industrial grade remote expert solutions, digital workflows and work instructions, through to state-of-the-art augmented reality support.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences means we're also easy to work with and deliver the best solutions for you.

Metro looks after your technology, giving you more time to look after your business.

Why Metro Communications?

Our world is becoming ever more connected with working remotely an increasing essential business requirement. As a result, today’s businesses need reliable, secure and flexible IT solutions.

At Metro we find the best technology on the market and offer you a customised menu of products and services to meet your needs. Because we work with trusted brands, you can be sure that we use world-class, high-quality products and services that help you communicate securely and efficiently. Most importantly, by looking after your technology we free you up to concentrate on growing your business and engaging with your customers.

With Metro you can:

  • work securely and confidently, wherever you are
  • keep your business competitive, now and in the future
  • create new business opportunities in a connected world, and
  • keep to changes in regulations.

It's easy to connect with Metro. Our Social tag is @metrocommsuk for our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Talk to us about how we can help you. Phone us on +44 (0)203 906 1400 or you can fill in our contact form.

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