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Buy your RealWear and Microsoft Hololens business solutions from Metro. Experts in business class hands-free solutions for frontline workers globally.

Why Metro Communications?

A new world order

Innovative new ways of working are emerging fast and redefining our working world. New supply chains are emerging and disruptive business models are discarding old ones. The digital revolution is now focused on frontline workers, it's changed up a gear, it's accelerating and it's delivering real value too.

From the way you engage potential customers through to the way you support them, things are changing - fast. Are you ready?

Empowering your frontline workers

Across industry and healthcare, organisations are turning to advanced tools to help their frontline workers. Tools to help improve operational efficiency and drive performance. Tools that enable great people to commission new facilities, to keep mission critical operations running smoothly and to quickly and powerfully engage a remote expert and to change they way they learn new skills - to train.

Metro can help you transform your organisation from manual / paper-based operations to digital processes using our secure, reliable IT solutions. From state-of-the-art digital twins, industrial grade secure remote expert solutions, digital workflows and work instructions, through to state-of-the-art augmented reality enhanced remote support.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences means we're also easy to work with and deliver the best solutions for you too. Technology from innovative world leading technology companies like RealWear, Microsoft, TeamViewer and Arvizio. Services from Metro to help you empower your teams and consolidate change - real powerful amazing change.

People led digital transformation

These powerful state-of-the-art tools can increase productivity and play a significant role in helping transform your organisation from manual / paper-based operations to digital processes. Securely and reliably too. To make this happen we bring together world class technologies, from leading vendors in their fields, and work with you and your people to combine them in a way that your people can readily embrace and work with.

Ultimately it's all about people AND technology.

Empowered people positively engaged, working together and using world class technology to make our world, our work and our daily lives better.

That's what we do. The future looks amazing.

Welcome to Metro.

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The future looks positive. Welcome to Metro

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