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During the COVID19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams and RealWear stood out as a fantastic solution that enabled subject matter experts to provide remote expert support services using Microsoft Teams video calls from a RealWear headset. Great functionality that works with all RealWear headsets i.e. RealWear Navigator 500, HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1. And for businesses signed up to Microsoft 365 a free service too.

Many businesses deployed this solution and as a result were able to very effectively sustain their operations by providing remote support, and expert assistance, from anywhere in the world to anyone who needed it wherever they might be.

A fantastic way to empower frontline teams and kick start frontline worker digital transformation programmes.

But is that it? Are the benefits of a remote expert service the only gains an organisation can get ?

It was just the start but the start of something truly transformational.

Almost regardless of the task or process, evidence captured by your frontline workers, can add value to business operations in a number of ways.

For example, pre-start assessment processes exist to ensure that everything is ready for the work to start. But if the job doesn't start then the question "why not ?" is a fair one to ask. And when that is asked it's important to have the facts and to get hold of them quickly.

What could be better than rich evidence. Video and images detailing why. Evidence, enriched with data, all readily available, that can be enhanced and shared with other e.g. customers, quickly and efficiently.

Sharing knowledge, skills and experience is extremely valuable too. Giving your organisation the tools to create a repository of corporate experience has fundamental value. Capturing expert knowledge and frontline worker experience then making it available to all for continuous improvement and training. Helping new staff to understand some of the challenges they may face, how others have managed them and from there that shared pool of experience helps the organisation reduce the time, cost and risk of facing those challenges in the future.

RealWear 365 from Metro, provides organisations with a big stepping stone towards realising additional value from your investment in RealWear's great technology.

RealWear365 is Metro's bundled package of services and technology to help your organisation fully grasp the Frontline Worker Digital Transformation possibilities at your disposal and to help you prepare and hit the road running.

Setting you up to succeed and taking you up the learning curve in a fast, effective and affordable way.

We start the engagement with a consulting exercise assessing your current situation. Analysing one part of your business operations and identifying the time, costs and complexity of current processes. We then agree a focus area where a RealWear based solution can significantly help improve performance and deliver tangible returns.

We'll do some work in Microsoft 365 to ensure that the data your frontline workers generate gets securely stored in your own infrastructure. Data that provides context, adds value and is readily available to your colleagues and enterprise systems - quickly, accurately and securely.

We'll then supply you with a world leading RealWear Navigator 500 or RealWear HMT-1Z1 headset and any accessories you may require including PPE. And to help ensure user adoption, we'll deliver onsite training sessions to help your frontline workers confidently use the solution. And if required we'll go out with them too. In the field, and support them with field based training. Anywhere in the world !

Our goal is to help your organisation realise significant operational efficiencies that in turn creates a better, more flexible and competitive work environment for your organisation. And potentially a more positive work-life balance for your people too.

RealWear 365 is only available from Metro. Partners to both RealWear and Microsoft.

RealWear 365 is geared at setting your Frontline Worker Digital Transformation Programme up to succeed.

Call Metro about the challenges you are facing. We're confident we can help.

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