From helping Doctors in China to manage the Covid19 outbreak of 2020 through to supporting Paramedics in the field, telemedicine is playing an increaasingly important role in healthcare. For example in Norway, Paramedics are increasingly kitted out with Assisted Reality headsets to help them deliver better "on-site" care to patients.

"There is a difference in the level of expertise of the ambulance workers. With this tool, we can can help the ambulance staff with more advanced treatment"
Lars Olav Fjose, Chief Medical Officer. Innlandet Hospital Trust. Norway

  • connect with remote experts for support and guidance
  • deliver advanced procedures to paramedics quickly
  • route patients to the appropriate hospitals
  • supports the continued professional development of paramedic staff

Here's a case study from the Norwegian Ambulance Service.

In China, during the peak of the Covid19 outbreak, RealWear headsets were worn by Junior Doctors in "isolation areas" enabled real-time video communication with Senior Experts (Consultants) in "safer" areas. This provided a safer and more effective way for Senior Experts to do "patient rounds" whilst also being more accessible to more Junior Doctors. Another Covid19 application includes triage support to Nurses by automatically recording patient details as they entered the hospital.

  • No contact
  • No paperwork - all data ready passed onto medical systems
  • A simple step-by-step guided procedure

A picture of a medic with a headset

"one doctor or nurse wears the HMT-1 [Headset], checking the patient’s health and condition inside the isolated zone or infected zone, while the other doctors will play as a mentor role in the clean zone. By doing this, they can check and talk with the patient via RealWear’s hands-free system. Of course, this will reduce exposure to cross infection and cut down on the depletion of protective gear and equipment."
Michael Lyu. RealWear China

Metro, a RealWear partner, is well placed to help Health Professionals get operational quickly and realise time and life saving benefits from our hands-free remote expert solutions.

A photo of the RealWear Medical Kit

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