Let’s focus on your operations and how the solutions Metro offers can transform your business and help your people to perform. We've taken some great technology and bundled them together to create fantastic packages. They give your business a brilliant start and solid foundations to build on.

Remote Expert

Remote support when your first line staff need it. No more waiting for experts to get to site. No more expensive travel costs. More uptime as you attend to the issues faster and with the right experts on hand.

Equipment issues can bring an abrupt halt to production and that costs businesses a lot of money. Businesses need a fast responsive solution and that's what the Remote Expert is all about.

"See-what-I-see" enables the remote expert to virtually "be there" on-site with the first line staff.

  • Real-time trouble-shooting
  • Fault finding
  • Remote support
  • Diagnostics support
  • Service management

Business benefits

  • Increased uptime
  • Superior service levels
  • Rapid time to respond
  • Lower cost i.e. no travel costs
  • Enhanced knowledge transfer
  • Opportunity to create new service
  • Increased productivity


Take your existing processes, make them digital and you can achieve so much more.

Equipped with step-by-step instructions your teams can undertake assembly, inspection, test, service, maintenance and training activities in a consistent and high quality way. Guided through the process and offered supporting material as they progress, this modern approach supports first line workers helping them to do their jobs efficiently and with highest levels of quality.

And for tasks that generate reports those reports are automatically generated at the end of the process. There is scope for process enhancement too e.g. notify individuals of the details of non-compliances. With barcode and QR codes scanning also built-in, logistics operations can be transformed too.

  • Guided workflows e.g. guided assembly
  • Automatic report generation
  • Guided trouble-shooting
  • Validation checks
  • Quality checklists
  • On demand documentation
  • Structured inspection and test

Business benefits include

  • Time savings e.g. through no report writing
  • Increased productivity (no more report writing)
  • Safer, hands-free work
  • Instant technical support documentation
  • Consistent high quality
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Increased accuracy


Take the Remote Expert and add the DigiTool package. You have everything in one high performing package.

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