Let’s focus on your operations and how the solutions Metro offers can transform your business and help your people to perform.

From delivering support remotely through to digital workflows and helping users get straight to the item they need to focus on.

Remote Expert

Equipment issues can bring an abrupt halt to production and that costs businesses a lot of money. Businesses need a fast responsive solution and that's what the Remote Expert is all about. Remote support when your first line staff need it. No more waiting for experts to get to site. No more expensive travel costs. Increase uptime as you attend to the issues faster with the right experts "virtually on-site" supporting your teams.

  • "See-what-I-see"
  • Real-time trouble-shooting
  • Fault finding
  • Remote support
  • Diagnostics support
  • Service management

Business benefits

  • Rapid time to respond
  • Lower cost i.e. no travel costs
  • Increased uptime and productivity
  • Create new "digital support" service revenues

Digital Workflows

Take your existing processes, make them digital and you can achieve so much more.

Equipped with step-by-step instructions your teams can undertake assembly, inspection, test, service, maintenance and training activities in a consistent and high quality way. Guided through the process and offered supporting material as they progress, this modern approach supports first line workers helping them to do their jobs efficiently and with highest levels of quality.

  • Guided workflows e.g. guided assembly and trouble-shooting
  • Quality checklists and validation checks
  • On demand documentation
  • Structured inspection and test

Business benefits include

  • Time savings
  • Safer, hands-free work
  • Consistent high quality
  • Increased responsiveness and accuracy

Augmented Reality Product Viewer

Giving users the ability to pinpoint components and modules helps get things done quicker and more accurately. The AR Product Viewer gives users the ability to quite literally have an "X-Ray" view of a product guided by the Remote Expert. All part of an integrated approach that includes displaying step-by-step instructions and helping identified spare parts more quickly and easily and, if necessary, order replacements directly.

  • Guides users straight to the target item
  • Intuitive and easy to understand
  • Can be applied to all products even those that don't have CAD files
  • Simplifies spare parts management and ordering
  • Integration with other tools e.g. connect to the right remote expert

Business benefits include

  • Time savings
  • Increased accuracy
  • Increases staff confidence and productivity

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