Every industry faces challenge. From project performance and shortages of skilled professionals through to productivity and profitability. The construction sector has innovated considerably to face these challenges and searched for innovative solutions that will help the companies perform.

Construction professionals can now do more and do it more effectively with Metro. We deliver firstline solutions that support all stages of a construction project. From design through to handover.

In the initial stages Remote Expert can become a Remote Meeting. Your Surveyors and Site Managers can "walk the site" with stakeholders and investors observing and asking questions from a distance. Keeping them upto date on developments and challenges too. And if unforeseen problems arise then the Site Manager can liaise with the appropriate experts immediately and a course of action be agreed with all parties fully aware of the facts. This fast path to a resolution can help manage project challenges that historically led to major delays and overspend.

And then we have mandatory inspections and certifications. Armed with the appropriate inspection tools your people can get on with the job, delivering reports the minute they finish the inspection with all reports fed directly back to the Project Manager automatically.

Slashing time and cost out of business operations, taking quality to new highs and helping mitigate project risks. Designed for safety, built for productivity, available from Metro today.

Metro is exceptionally well placed to help your business benefit from our remote expert, workflow and support solutions. Please contact Metro to arrange a free consultation for your business and to discuss a free no obligation trial.

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