Data driven business

What's a Data driven business? The quick answer - a business that uses data as a key tool to inform management thinking and decision making.

Ask any business that has carried out a basic analysis of their data and many will tell you there were surprises. New facts they didn't know before often including identifying which customers generate profit and which might even cost the business money!

Used in the right way, data can reveal powerful insights about your business and help transform the way you plan and operate. However, a lot of companies don't even do the basics.

"53% state that they are not yet treating data as a business asset"
Harvard Business Review. Feb 2019.

Many business leaders have been told that to become "data-driven" they will need a "big data" initiative, a significant data cleansing operation or an overhaul, albeit partial, of their IT infrastructure. It's true that good quality data is important however given a mountain of hurdles it’s hardly surprising so few have progressed.

A fresh approach might help. A pragmatic approach that doesn't break the bank. That focuses 100% on your business and uses the data you've already. A simple yet powerful workshop centric approach that makes it easy for your business to take the first step.

It's a very pragmatic starting point.

Metro's "Woe to Wow - Data Driven Business" programme is short, intense and "business value focused". Workshop based the programme engages experienced Data Experts who have applied these techniques to drive business improvements with other companies.

The data your business has today is the starting point. Using that data we'll create powerful tools to illustrate what can be done with your data. Then through an iterative process, we'll work with you to illustrate what value can be extracted and explore how your data can drive business performance. Our goal is to deliver results for your business.

• Quick start • Quick results • Equip you with tools you can use • Learn key techniques • Rapid ROI with Metro's "Benefits - Investment" alignment

Talk to Metro about how our "Woe to Wow - Data Driven Business" programme and how it can work for your business. This programme is for positive "can do - will do" businesses who want to be proactive leaders in their target markets and are prepared to act accordingly.

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