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Opinion - Data - Fact.

Ask any business that has carried out a basic analysis of their business data and in the majority of cases they will tell you they received some surprises. Facts about the business that they didn't know before. Surprises often include which customers are worth keeping and which cost more than they pay you ! And that's just doing basic analysis !

When you get all of your data together and add some really powerful analysis then you get super powerful insights. Insights about your business that can massively transform the way you view your business.

However a lot of companies aren't even doing the basics yet !

"53% state that they are not yet treating data as a business asset" Harvard Business Review. Feb 2019.

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Many companies are being told that they need a "big data" initiative in order to become a data driven business. A massive data cleansing operation and probably a complete overhaul of your IT infrastructure too. The budget ? Set aside a sum comparable to the GDP of a small nation and you should be OK !

Maybe some of these things are needed in part or full! That said when faced with this kind of feedback it's hardly surprising Harvard Business Review reported 53% of businesses are not treating data as a business asset !

Maybe a fresh approach might help? A pragmatic approach that doesn't call for organisation change, a huge budget or a total change of IT infrastructure ! An approach that instead focuses on the business - your business - does what it can with the data you've got and fits in with your working week too !

Metro offers a fresh approach to helping you understand how data can add value to your business and then become a data driven business. A razor sharp focus on the data you have plus a pragmatic approach too. An approach that rapidly reveals insights into your business and can inform your business strategy. Helps you to steer your business for profitable growth and creates a solid platform to build on which can be fine tuned.

An approach that is fast, delivers quickly and aligns your benefits with your investments.

  • Quick start
  • Quick results
  • With tools you can use - on your own !
  • Rapid ROI with Metro's "Benefits - Investment alignment"

Talk to us about how our "Woe to Wow - Data Driven Business" programme and how it can work for your business.

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