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The intellectual property your company has created adds value to your business and is a key asset. Your patents protect the inventions you have created. Your copyrights protects the artistic expression of those inventions and your trademarks protects your brands. But how do we best protect in this digital age?

The starting point for most businesses is to list their key intellectual property and have confidentiality policies in place to protect intellectual property. This is often implemented by non-compete clauses plus key phrases in employment contracts e.g. "Employees will not disclose confidential information or business secrets." Contractors often also have similar terms placed on them too.

Great for the pre-digital age but what about now?

But how do you protect your intellectual property outside of your business? Your shareholders expect you to do everything you can so what are you doing and is it enough for the digital age?

Declaring trademarks on your packaging and communication helps by sending a clear signal to others that the assets are yours and not for anyone to copy, plagiarise or steal. In addition to formally registering your assets there are other actions you take take to protect your assets in the digital economy.

Brand infringements and instances of parties who claim to be selling your brands, takes place on both the dark and surface webs. Cyber criminals look to steal the digital form of business assets and sell them to others. Those transactions are often done on the dark web.

Our monitoring activities help protect your intellectual property by continuously searching for theft and fraud related data, providing alerts when we discover activity. Our service can include documenting findings into detailed report that can be given to your Lawyers and authorities like the National Crime Agency. This evidence puts potential prosecution activity onto a more formal footing and help deter criminal activity.

It's difficult protecting Intellectual Property in the cyber age. One thing is certain, what you know can help a lot and that's where Metro comes in.

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