Office 365 free for your company charity

Your business is new to Office 365. Office 365 is about to transform the way you work; let's use this as an opportunity to make things better for your company charity too.

When you sign up to Office 365 for the 1st time through Metro Communications, then we, in partnership with Microsoft, offer to provide Office 365 subscriptions and services free to your company charity too.

  • Free Office 365 tenant
  • Free Office 365 subscriptions (Office 365 E1 or Office 365 Business Essentials)
  • Free onboarding services
  • Free training and support

Metro is able to offer this due to our partnership with Microsoft who generously donate or heavily discount, their technology to eligible charities. The professional services Metro is offering are 100% free of charge to the charity.

"our more than 140,000 employees, combined with our 17 million partners and our 75 million customers, have a collective opportunity to improve the lives of the 7 billion people on the planet through the power of technology."
Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft. 2019 Partner Conference

Microsoft acknowledges that as a global technology company it is well-positioned to enable and accelerate digital transformations that lead to a low-carbon future. It also accepts that it can't solve the challenges alone. Microsoft has given it's partners a great opportunity to engage with these initiatives. To foster a sustainable future where everyone has access to the benefits and opportunities created by technology and to generally make life better for everyone.

Metro is delighted to take an active part in working with Microsoft to help create a better future and is taking proactive steps today, to create a better tomorrow.

What happens next ?

In parallel to upgrading your business to Office 365 we'll get things moving for your company charity too. Put us in touch with your nominated company charity and we'll have a discussion about the charity, Office 365 and the process. We will help the charity through this process.

  1. The charity will need to provide proof of their organization's eligibility (e.g. charity commission registration) as described on Microsoft's eligibility page.
  2. They will also be asked to agree to Microsoft's non-discrimination policy.
  3. During registration we'll help the charity create a Microsoft account. Note: The person completing registration will become the Global Administrator of the account by default. Additional administrators can be added once the account is established. We will ask you make Metro one of your administrators as that'll enable us to manage services for you.
  4. Microsoft will verify the charity's eligibility. Microsoft's validation partners, TechSoup or TechSoup's partners, might contact the charity for additional information. Validation may take up to 20 business days after applying.
  5. The charity can view their status in the Microsoft Non-profit Portal. No credit card information is required for the eligibility validation process.
  6. Once validation is complete, the charity will receive an email with the eligibility results. If you are eligible, the email will include a link to the Microsoft Non-profit Portal to access Microsoft's non-profit offers.
  7. We'll create a "Microsoft relationship" between the charity and Metro.
  8. Metro will then help the charity get set up so they can reap the benefits of Office 365's free services.

What does the charity need?

  • Up to date Android/IOS phone(s) and or Windows 10 computer(s) that works with Office 365
  • Internet access
  • We'll need some information about their domain, their website address, because we'll need to change some of their settings in order to make things work. These are called DNS records. These things need to be done in a certain order. We can help them with this.

The charity can also apply directly to Microsoft you don't need to go through Metro. We're offering to help make the entire process, from applying to using Office 365, as smooth as possible. And to reward our customers in whatever ways we can too.

Any questions? Just get in touch using the contact form below.

We're looking forward to helping you and your charity realise the benefits of Microsoft's world leading business productivity tools.

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