CEO Today. Mistakes CEO's make during cyber attacks

11 October 2018

Phil Chambers, Metro COO, in CEO Today discussing the mistakes CEO might make during cyber attacks.


Mistakes CEO's make during cyber attacks

Incident management is often seen as little more than the necessary, slightly depressing clean-up after a major cyber incident. But the way a CEO handles a hack could have a long-term impact on reputation that far outstrips the initial financial losses. Here Phil Chambers, COO at Metro Communications, offers expert insight into the common mistakes CEOs frequently make during cyber-attacks.

Last year, Uber’s reputation suffered not only because criminals accessed the personal details of 600,000 US drivers and 57 million customers globally, but because it paid ‘tame hackers’ to hide the breach. Criminals exposed the data, Uber exposed its own questionable ethics.

Interestingly, Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, seemed perfectly content with the organisation’s immediate technical response. For him, the key issue was about how the non-technical aspects were handled, particularly the fact that the company (under the leadership of its previous CEO) had failed to notify the regulator and hadn’t been ‘honest and transparent’ with its customers.

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