Metro Communications partners with Microsoft

25 June 2019


“Business leaders need and want better IT and better telecommunications solutions,” says Peter Matthews, CEO of Metro Communications. “They want solutions that are cost-effective, easier to scale, simpler to use and more resilient, with stronger security features too.”

Security is a particular concern for directors and IT professionals, who are frequently presented with an overwhelming choice of solutions to security challenges. “Microsoft’s cloud offer is the most comprehensive ‘best of suite’ solution on the market today: and is the platform Metro will use in order to deliver a great service to our customers,” explains Peter Matthews. “Cyber security is a massive challenge for businesses, but few business leaders can justify investing in a full-scale security operations team to manage the continuously evolving threats. By drawing on Microsoft’s advanced cloud security resources and features, we can deliver stronger solutions that help our clients follow the National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) 10 steps.”

Our partnership with Microsoft is the foundation of our “cloud first for business” strategy, which uses cloud services to help leaders drive their business forwards and compete in global markets. As part of this strategy, we’re connecting Microsoft’s cloud solutions to telecommunications networks around the world, enabling businesses to access state-of-the-art unified communications capabilities that far exceed those of older systems. We’re also engaged with Microsoft’s activities in artificial intelligence, customer relationship management and analytics. “The solutions we’re providing are focused on business performance – on helping companies to compete, to win, to grow, and to better serve their customers, wherever they might be.”

To find Metro on the Microsoft portal please go to the Microsoft website.

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