Metro offers free Microsoft solutions to company charities

14 February 2020


Love is in the air as Metro Communications, a Microsoft Silver Partner, offers free Microsoft Solutions to the company charities of new customers.

"Valentines Day is the one day when love is celebrated by all. It’s a beautiful day and for Metro it’s our chance to show new customers we love them. So we’ve decided that on Valentines Day 2020 we’re launching free services to the company charity of customers who are new to both Office 365 and Metro,” said Peter Matthews, CEO of Metro Communications. "Take a look at any of the challenges anywhere in the world and you’ll find amazing charities there, on the front line, with their people working hard and creatively doing their best to make life better for all of us. What is there not to love about these great organisations and the amazing folk who work for them. Microsoft is doing a lot of great work to improve our world and wants it's partners to do their bit too. As a Microsoft Partner, Metro has the opportunity to bring the benefits of Microsoft’s solutions to businesses and charities alike. So we’re going to do precisely that, free of charge, to a nominated charity of businesses who are new to both Office 365 and Metro.”

The offer is open to businesses who are not currently using Office 365. When they sign up with Metro then Metro will offer to provide Office 365 services to the company charity free of charge together with the ongoing Office 365 subscriptions generously supplied free of charge by Microsoft to eligible charities. There is a process and conditions too including that Microsoft will first need to approve the charity. Metro will help the charity with this and once it’s done then Metro will upgrade the charity onto Office 365 completely free of charge.

Metro will also offer a one month free trial of Orlo’s Social Media Manager, a fantastic tool that substantially simplifies Social Media Management for organisations. Metro will set Orlo up free of charge for both the charity and the sponsoring business too.

“Businesses have a duty to make a material positive impact on society and the environment. In our mind this sits equally and comfortably alongside the financial obligations of a company. So Valentines Day 2020 is the day when Metro publicly committed to spread the love to the company charities of all of our 'new to both Office 365 and Metro' customers hereon and do a bit more to make a positive impact on both society and the environment.”