Finance monthly. Email Sent In Error? What CFOs Should Do Next

16 April 2019

Peter Matthews, Metro CEO, in Finance Monthly discussing what to do when an email has been sent in error.


Email Sent In Error? What CFOs Should Do Next?

It’s 6 o’clock on Friday evening and you’ve just finished a financial forecast ready for an investor meeting next week. You press send and reach for your coat but then that sinking feeling hits. In the rush you’ve selected the wrong recipient and sensitive information is in the wrong hands within seconds.

In the UK, 88% of data breaches reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) are caused by human error. The most common mistake is sending information to the wrong person. The number one culprit? Email. So what do you do? Peter Matthews, CEO of Metro Communications, knows what to do.

CFOs should not ignore the potential impact of such breaches on a company’s finances and reputation. Research for IBM suggests that the average cost of a data breach in the UK rose to £2.7m in 2018, with health, financial and service sectors most likely to experience breaches.

Few FDs would claim to be immune to accidental data transfer via email. So, what can you do if you inadvertently send a confidential message to the wrong person?

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