Global Banking and Finance. The cybersecurity threat you are missing

11 September 2018

Peter Matthews, Metro CEO, in Global Banking and Finance discussing mobile phone interception, phone hacking and how businesses can respond.



A survey of asset management and investment companies by Wandera found that just one sixth of businesses protect their company mobile phones. Interestingly, it also warned that staff were three times more likely to succumb to phishing attacks on their mobiles than on their desktops. Why?

Perhaps it is because spoken words have no physical form or something to do with the way we respond to a familiar voice, but in my experience, people tend to be less guarded when they communicate over the phone. If emails are private, phone calls are personal. If emails are black and white, phone conversations are colour; the places where we share opinions, exchange confidences and explore issues in-depth.

When we send an email we describe it as travelling across cyberspace. When we’re on the phone, our reference point isn’t ‘the ether’ but the individual or individuals we’re speaking with (and physically seeing during a video conferencing call). This sense of informality and privacy is the next best thing to talking face to face, and it leads to unguarded conversations that can be highly lucrative to hackers.

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