Call hacking and how businesses can respond

16 August 2018

Peter Matthews, Metro CEO, in Finance Monthly discussing call hacking and how businesses can respond.



Mobile phone security is still a blind spot for some CFOs, CEOs and investors. Business strategies to prevent cyber-attacks often focus on servers, computer systems and the cloud, yet it is smartphones and tablets that are the new end point. Below Peter Matthews, CEO at Metro Communications, discusses six simple ways CFOs can make the most of their own and their employees’ phones, without compromising on security.

Research from Gartner shows that 27% of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security by 2021 and flow directly from portable devices to the cloud.

These mobile gadgets may have increased productivity immeasurably, but their escalation has also increased the risk. There is much more valuable data held on mobile phones than most users would credit. Documents, chat messages, videos, voice calls, texts, address book, calendar and location are all data, all valuable, and – to the right criminal – all worth stealing.

The uncomfortable truth is that with 72% of large UK companies experiencing a cyber breach in 2017, all business leaders have to take action to increase their awareness, secure all of their communications and ensure they can quickly recover from any damaging action. The key question is how?

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