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Metro offers firstline worker productivity solutions globally. Solutions like Remote Expert, Digital Workflows and Augmented reality support make a real difference to companies around the world.

Recognising the role Ariba can play in helping businesses move their procurement activities onto a more strategic footing and make it easier for global companies to access the innovative solutions Metro offers, we are now registered on Ariba.

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Metro are experts in business class remote assistance and advanced support solutions for firstline workers, specifically for Industry and Healthcare. State-of-the-art augmented-reality enhanced and artificial intelligence powered solutions that help your firstline people do more, do it better and keep mission-critical operations running smoothly.

We offer powerful tools to increase productivity. We can transform your organisation from manual / paper-based operations to digital processes using our secure, reliable IT solutions. From industrial grade remote expert solutions, digital workflows and work instructions, to augmented reality enhanced support.

We also offer our Metro OneClick Video Conferencing service. A state-of-the-art video conferencing solution that massively simplifies video conferencing and interworks seamlessly with Teams, Hangouts, Zoom and other video solutions too. Perfect for Firstline individuals who need to video conference with people who need a simpler video experience.

Metro works in partnership with technology leaders globally. Plus, we’re easy to work with and deliver the best solutions and services for your organisation.

Metro looks after your technology, giving you more time to look after your business.

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