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Inspections, tests, audits and outdated processes – all these have one thing in common. Long, complicated paper-based processes that eat into valuable time and make your job harder. As a firstline worker, having a practical, convenient and fuss-free digital workflow is the ultimate timesaver. With Metro’s one-stop-shop, turnkey solution, you could be one phone call away from innovative digital automation. Designed to make your job easier, and every process smoother.

Your turnkey solution to paper freedom

As a passionate and dedicated team of experts, our time is devoted to creating ideal IT solutions for firstline workers. By simplifying workflows, establishing digital processes and offers inbuilt tools functionalities, paper can be a thing of the past. You’re looking at your digital future – and we’re just the team to get you there.

Tests, audits, and inspections aren’t going away – we simply make the process easier with slick, digital streamlining that takes away the paper part of the job. We provide the foundations to do your job better, build up those innovative new processes for you and provide the finished result to your team. Save time, deliver faster and achieve greater things. No paperwork required.

Created by the experts, for the experts

You’re specialists in your field – and we are in ours. Through years of development, we’ve created a powerful and effective solution to your in-house paperwork problems. By taking on all the workflow conversion tasks, providing the pathway from paper to digital, we ensure faster adoption, improved workflow times and near-immediate results.

With integration for smartphone, iPads and even smart glasses, our technology is more than just a standalone tool. It’s the start to a brand-new, digitally-powered way of working. With our expertise, a little automation and plenty of smart features, going digital has never looked better than it does with Metro. We do all the heavy lifting – and once you’ve validated the process, you’re good to go.

The woe to wow package

Sceptical about the full digital transformation? We’ve got just the thing. Our woe to wow package gives you a taste of just how much more can be achieved with an entirely digitised workflow. Transitioning three existing processes into a virtual medium, we can quickly and easily demonstrate what we do and why we do it. You’ll never want to go back to paper again.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss how digitised workflows could benefit you – or drop us a line to give our woe to wow package a try. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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