Azure Cloud

Azure is a world leading, high quality cloud computing service created by Microsoft.

Business leaders are always searching for ways to enhance the competitiveness of their business and many responding by moving their IT infrastructure from servers in their buildings to the cloud.

While “the cloud” is a metaphor for the internet, cloud computing is what "the cloud" refers to. So what is driving this trend and attracting businesses to "the Cloud”?

  • Reduced IT costs
  • Superior security with automatic updates
  • Reduced time to do anything IT
  • Scalability - up and down
  • Improved Business continuity
  • Greater workforce flexibility
  • Reduce management overhead
  • Better for the environment

Maintaining business critical applications and infrastructure on-premise has become a challenge for most companies. Infrastructure, Platform and Software as cloud services are, by comparison, much easier and cheaper for them to manage.

Other public cloud platforms offer similar capabilities to Microsoft Azure. However, the speed with which Microsoft is launching new components and services in Azure is accelerating Microsoft into becoming the market leader. Additionally Microsoft probably has the largest base of Azure Cloud Data Centres globally with the highest levels of security too.

The Azure platform is so advanced now that trusted Microsoft partners are helping enterprises build scalable & secure cloud native applications by taking full advantage of Azure platform using the full stack of Azure services.

Why choose Microsoft Azure?

  • Improve workflow - deliver services faster through seamless integration of current and new apps
  • Secure - Leverage Microsoft's unique global expertise in managing security threats
  • Boost collaboration - give your users the ability to access apps and work together from any internet-connected device
  • Reduce cost - run your business software in the cloud reduces operating costs and preserves your capital
  • Scalable applications - You have full control and can change based on your needs. Scale up or shrink down

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