Augmented Reality for Dynamics 365

Augmented Reality (AR) is heralding in a new era of connectivity and transforming the way we engage with the world. By overlaying digital content onto the real-world AR is enabling users to interact in creative and powerful new ways.

And for those businesses who adopt AR it is enabling them to do more at lower cost and with higher quality too. A game change for many industries.

Metro focuses on bringing AR solutions to industries where the principal requirements are for resilience and safety. Where the technology must be robust or even intrinsically safe.

Many industries rely on processes that create mountains of paper. By converting existing paper-based processes into easy to follow, step-by-step, computer-based workflows you gain a lot of clarity and save a lot of time and money.

Add wearable computing with features such as voice control and automatic recording and your operations completely transform. You will have the ability to operate totally "hands free" accessing the data you require. You'll also capture detailed data, in real time, about each process. Who did what plus real time video recording. Reporting gets automated too!

From delivering enhanced levels of training, carrying out delicate medical procedures, design simulations and walk through to through to field service repair, Augmented Reality is changing our daily lives.

• Configure - Transform paper-based process into digital workflows • Deploy - Distribute instructions electronically • Utilise - Step-by-step instructions for field staff ensures that every task is executed to the highest possible standard • Capture - Record live data in the field. Analyse process performance, collect evidence and create an audit trail • Improve - Update and improve processes and instructions to ensure compliance, productivity and efficiency.

Augmented reality is transforming companies today by slashing time and cost out of business operations and taking quality to new highs. Talk to Metro about how we can help AR transform your business.

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