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Popular communications and messaging applications are widely used by individuals and companies alike however the reality is they were not designed for enterprise use and are not secure. From the moment you sign up you give away a lot of valuable data and then you start using the apps. Security and confidentiality is key for discerning customers and that’s why Metro Communications offers our customers a secure communications solution based on government grade security, approved by the NCSC and NATO yet available for commercial use.

Secure Communications

Mobile phones are at the heart of our personal and business lives, but they aren’t as secure or as private as we like to think. Intercepting calls on mobile phones is one of the fastest-growing cyber security threats. Most worryingly, it can put your entire call and any data you’ve shared into somebody else’s hands.

We’ve partnered with specialists Armour Communications to keep your communications secure. Armour Mobile is a secure instant communications app that protects all your phone calls, video calls, text messages and file-sharing. That means your communications are kept private, no matter what country you’re in or what network you’re using. It’s the perfect solution for people and businesses who need the highest possible levels of privacy at an affordable price.

armour comms

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The general data protection regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018. As one of the strictest laws on data privacy in the world, it will make a huge difference to how you collect and manage personal data from people living in the European Union, even if you’re not based in Europe.

Get GDPR wrong and your business will face fines of up to €20 million euros or 4% of its annual global revenue, whichever is the highest.

“As a clear message of compliance ‘or else,’ the guidelines for penalties have been set high enough that just planning on paying the fine is a poor strategy.”
Gartner [Commvault], A Platform for GDPR Compliance

We have partnered with Commvault, world leaders in data management, to give you a tried and tested solution for managing data in line with GDPR. This includes the audit that proves your business complies with the regulation.

Contact us to talk about how Commvault can help you comply quickly, with the lowest possible risk to your business.


Asset tracking

Asset tracking uses satellite technology to keep tabs on machinery and other property you value.

Our cost-effective Asset Tracker shows you where your valuables are and monitors their journeys. By logging into a secure online platform, you can see where your assets are at that point in time. You can also set up alerts and reports on their movement, location and other useful information.

  • Customise a powerful dashboard
  • Set up alarms and alerts by email
  • Know when your assets are on the move, speeding, or entering and leaving specific areas
  • See which asset is closest to a particular place
  • Get accurate reports on when an asset was in a precise location
  • Replay routes to see the exact journey and whether the driver stopped along the way
  • Set up and schedule automatic reports.
asset tracking

Mobile phone tracking

Tracking a mobile phone is a less expensive alternative to tracking a car or van. Our app uses satellite technology to find your phone and pinpoint it on a Google Map.

  • Get journey reports and export them to Microsoft Excel
  • Track phones being carried on foot as well as in vehicles
  • Set up alerts and reports – for example, if your phone goes outside a certain area
  • Quickly and easily set up check-in points for drivers
  • Download reports or receive them by email on set dates.

Lone worker solutions

Are any of your employees are classed as a ‘lone worker’ under health and safety law? If so, our lone-worker system can help to keep them safe. Our easy-to-use smartphone app allows your lone workers to:

  • press a button to raise a panic alarm
  • sign into a timed session, and
  • set their own timed check-in intervals.

All the functions have been tested to British Standard BS8484 for suppliers of lone worker safety alarm apps.


Anti money laundering and counter-terrorism checks

With more illegal financial transactions are happening every day, most countries have put in place new laws and regulations. Under these laws, companies have to check who they are doing business with and help detect and report suspicious activities.

We offer a simple, easy-to-use solution for checking people’s details against global sanctions watchlists. When you’re sure you know who you’re working with, you can reduce risk.

Our solution supports you to keep to the following laws:

  • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF).

Talk to us about how we can help.