Unified Communications

No nonsense, great quality

Metro Communications is a Microsoft Silver Partner. We offer Microsoft Cloud products and services that simplifies and adds value to your business. We have taken Microsoft Teams and enhanced it in order to deliver business class unified communications services. From contact centre functionality through to MiFID2 and PCI compliant call recording all based on Microsoft Teams. You don't need any more apps because you already have it - Team !

With instant messaging, video conferencing, file-sharing and dedicated, streamlined teams and channels, Microsoft Teams is the most popular collaboration tool worldwide with an estimated 13,000,000 users using the Teams each day (Q3/2019). It’s a great tool for bringing the right people and the right information together helping everyone, office-based and remote employees, to get work done.

So what if we can get Teams to do more, much more ? That’s what Metro Teams is all about.

Metro Communications, a Microsoft Silver Partner, takes Microsoft Teams and adds more to Teams making it the best Unified Communications Solution on the market for businesses. So powerful and easy to use that Metro Teams doesn’t just replace your Telephone system, we replace your Unified Communications system and Call Centre too.

The first thing we do is we connect Teams to the global telecommunications network enabling you to make and receive business phone calls directly from Teams.  More good news is there’s no need to download a dedicated Unified Communications app because the app is Teams !  You’re already using it !

Then we take Microsoft Teams great Unified Communications functionality and push it further – a lot further – by adding loads of great functionality that adds real value to your business. Functionality including call reporting, contact centre and PCI & MiFID 2 compliant call recording services. And your users ?  well all they do is carry on using Teams…we do the rest.

  • Direct routing fully integrated within teams
  • Local phone numbers in the UK and Internationally
  • Keep your business number
  • Cost competitive compared to Microsoft’s calling plans
  • Encrypted call recording PCI and MiFID2 compliant
  • Teams based contact centre
  • No need to download extra software or add more apps
  • Replace your business telephone systems
  • Replace your out of date unified communications system
  • Integration with Office 365 drives business productivity

Metro Teams starts where Unified Communications left off heralding in an era of superior communications and enhanced productivity.

Metro Teams™ – The solution you’ve been waiting for.

Everything changes and everything stays the same
You won’t need to do anything. No new apps. No expensive difficult to maintain equipment in your office. No network upgrades and no new desk phones. All you do is keep using your favourite collaboration tool – Microsoft Teams – and “Dial a number”, we’ll do the rest. We’ll even “port” your existing number over too so that you can maintain communication with your contacts.

Local and Global
Local, national, toll-free numbers in over 10,000+ area codes across 65+ countries. 92% of the global economy is just a Metro Teams™ phone call away. A cost competitive, great quality phone call at that !

Quality Routing
Say goodbye to poor call quality. Your Metro Teams™ calls are dynamically routed optimised automatically to send your call over the highest-quality route.

Say goodbye to your phone system
There’s thousands of Unified Communications Solutions to chose from but only one that full integrates with your Office productivity solution – Metro Teams™. So to make it easier for you we’ll buy your old system back from you. *

* Subject to contract

Next Generation Unified Communications integrating your telecommunications services with your office productivity suite. Direct routing for Microsoft Teams through to encrypted voicemail and contact centre solutions..

Metro Contact™

Got a contact centre ? If the answer is Yes or No the good news is you can have one today using your Microsoft Teams app and our Metro Contact™ upgrade.

We’ll enhance your Microsoft Teams service by adding powerful call distribution and routing functionality. We’ll integrate chat, meetings, calling, Office 365 and 3rd party apps all in one place to deliver a powerful experience for your users. The results for your business ? Expect increased productivity and cost savings because you’ll no longer need to use 3rd party apps! Everything streamlines through Microsoft Teams!

Better communication

  • Selecting call flow scenarios that suits business needs e.g.  based on working hours, Presence, IVR.
  • Seamlessly distributing calls to Microsoft Teams users based on their Presence status.
  • Offer both “Longest Idle” and “Simultaneous Ring/Broadcast” for call distribution with the option of forwarding to other services.
  • Beyond the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus, Metro Contact™ also offers Interactive Conversation Response (ICR) services to ensure that Microsoft UC Instant Messaging (Chat) requests can be directed to a person in the responsible team.

Better manage your agents

  • Team leaders can manage schedules of opening hours, announcements, forward targets and agent participation from Microsoft Teams in real-time. No more requests to IT for support saving you time and money.

Better insights and reporting

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) can be displayed on an easy-to-manage dashboard within the Microsoft Teams app.
  • For a more indepth analysis, historical reporting is also available to using CSV files, Microsoft Excel or Power BI.

And even more good news – if you need to “buy” yourself out of an existing Contact Centre contract then we can help !

Metro Record™

Starting off where many call recording services end, Metro Record™ is a fully featured, advanced call recording solution that works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.

If your business is obliged to capture and monitor voice, instant messaging, video calls, application/screen share and content sharing (such as file transfer) across all of your regulated users then Metro Record™ can help.

Metro Record™ provides a robust, proven, certified solution to ensure that your communications are properly recorded and securely for compliance and audit purposes. Built-in capabilities includes audit trails, time stamping and easy access to recordings helping you to maintain GDPR and MiFID 2 compliance. All fully integrated with Teams.


Bespoke Communication

From top secret communications solutions integrated with your company phone system through to global satellite communications, if you have a communication challenge you are struggling to solve then talk to Metro.