Social Media Manager Onboarding

Metro is delighted to offer free onboarding onto Orlo for small and medium enterprises anywhere in the world.

Orlo's social media management platform is a game changer for business to business (B2B) companies that will enable them to better leverage social media.

  • Central management streamlines social media activities
  • Enables you to better manage campaigns
  • Listen to the market and respond proactively
  • and communicate more efficiently with your customers

Metro will onboard you at no cost to you provided that :

  1. You are a privately owned businesses that doesn't compete against Metro.
  2. You purchase at least one Orlo licence from Metro
  • A simpler more effective way to manage your social media
  • Makes handovers easy as all users can see the communications
  • Content scheduling makes it easier to report on campaigns across multiple channels
  • Connect to Twitter
  • Connect to LinkedIn
  • Connect to Facebook
  • Connect to YouTube
  • Add Orlo LiveChat to your website too
  • A better way of monitoring the market

Contact Metro today using the form below or via one of our Social Media channels.

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