Social Media Manager for Dynamics 365

"81% of executives believe their businesses will compete on customer experience alone in the near future". Gartner

A solid customer experience strategy based on social media and multiple channels, is emerging as key challenge for businesses that they must address. A strategy that delivers outstanding customer service, engages people effectively and enables the business to manage it's online reputation.

  • Manage social media channels effectively and efficiently
  • Respond to customers quickly and personally with smooth handovers
  • Planning and resourcing customer engagement teams
  • Track performance and optimally manage the posting of content
  • Monitor and respond to market sentiment
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"On average, a B2B customer will regularly use six different interaction channels throughout the purchase process, and two-thirds come away frustrated by inconsistent experiences." McKinsey

Customers want to get in touch on their terms, how and when it suits them. They also expect us to put all the discussions into context and to communicate with them personally and relevantly too.

So let's make it easier for customers.

Metro delivers a complete online engagement solution that enables your customers to engage with your business positively and experience positive emotions at scale.

Orlo is the Social Media heart of that solution and if you want to start with social media management only then we can do that. However our solution expands by adding telephony based on Microsoft Teams. Integrating these together with Dynamics 365 you get a world class capability for full customer engagement.

Metro has a truly unique customer experience offering. Talk to Metro about our "Woe to Wow - Customer Experience" fast track packages.

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