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"Mobile phones are at the heart of our personal and business lives, but they aren’t as secure or as private as we like to think. Intercepting calls on mobile phones is one of the fastest-growing cyber security threats.\n\nMost worryingly, it can put your entire call and any data you’ve shared into somebody else’s hands.\r\r\n\nMetro has partnered with specialists Armour Communications to keep your communications secure."

Armour Mobile is a secure instant communications app that protects all your phone calls, video calls, text messages and file-sharing.

That means your communications are kept private, no matter what country you’re in or what network you’re using.

It’s the perfect solution for people and businesses who need the highest possible levels of privacy at an affordable price.

Armour Communications technology uses Government-grade security. People involved in top-secret communications use this technology when sharing sensitive information.

  • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) approved.
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) approved.
  • Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) approved under the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC, formerly known as CESG) scheme.
  • High-quality calls clearer than ordinary mobile phone calls.
  • Secure over untrusted networks, such as hotel Wi-Fi.
  • No call charges.
  • Works for personal calls and conference calls.
  • All services provided in absolute confidence

To find out more and sign up for a 30 day free trial of Armour Mobile please visit our dedicated Secure Communications website www.securecommunications.co.uk

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