Questions and answers about #freefor3


What classifies as a new business?
A company that was legally registered in the UK in the last 2 months.

I’m a sole trader, do I qualify?
Sorry no you don’t. Your company need to be a legally registered business in the UK.

I tried to get Office 365 working before but failed?
Sorry you are not eligible for the free draw however we'd be delighted to work with you and help you use Office 365 with Metro.


I don't have a business email yet
Not a problem, your personal email will Depending on how many people apply, after close of business each Friday.

What are you going to do with my data?
Metro is registered with the Information Commissioners Office which places obligations on us to protect your data. Our privacy policy is here and in the footer of this webpage too. In order to manage the draw we request that you Opt-in to email, phone and other marketing. We will use your data only to contact you. We have no desire to flood anyone with marketing, quite the opposite. We do want to help you get the most out of the technology we feel can help your business and that's when we're most likely to make contact.


When do you do the draw?
Depending on how many people apply, after close of business each Friday.

Why "Directors discretion"?
Experience has taught us all that a very small minority of individuals are nigh on impossible to deal with. We are unlikely to encounter them but if we do then we don't want to work with them. So if we get any indications that there won't be good chemistry between us then we reserve the right to exclude that company from the draw.


What's the big deal with Office 365?
It's 100% cloud based giving you access to all of the great business tools you use at work - Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc with masses of cloud storage - 1TB to be precise. So you can respond quickly and will always be working on the latest documents wherever you are. It's more reliable that traditional business computing too.

There are 2 founders in our business. Do we both get the service free?
We'll provide the Office 365 license free of charge for 3 months for one founder. The other license is chargeable. All of the other services we'll provide free of charge.

I don't want the online only service, i want the Office 365 that gives me software on my computer too.
Apply for the offer and we'll see what we can do for you. The 3 months free is a very specific offer.

Teams as a phone system?
Microsoft Teams is rapidly emerging as the world leading solution for online collaboration. It's a great tool that enables you to share documents, message, work collaboratively using desktop sharing and with this upgrade make phone calls too. This is the future for telecommunications.

What else can I do?
Being Cloud based, Office 365 gives you lots of flexibility to work in an innovative new ways. And as your business grows you can add new services and integrate them with your Office account. Not just Microsoft services but business services from many different companies. The good news is that by starting out with Office 365 you get insights into how being a "Cloud based" business you can work in powerful and effective new ways from day 1.

What's the catch?
There genuinely isn't one. If you like the service then you'll need to subscribe to continue. There's a variety of packages to chose from each with different benefits. We'll help you chose the one that best fits your needs. But if you don't want to continue then your service will cease at the end of the 3 months.

Can i pause the subscription?
No. The subscription either runs or it doesn't.

What happens to my data if I cancel?
If you decide to cancel then you need to save all of your data and remove it from Office 365. Once the subscription has lapsed then your data gets permanently deleted.

Can i subscribe for Office 365 directly with Microsoft?
Yes you can. However you can only get this offer from Metro Communications, a Microsoft Partner. Microsoft Partners help businesses get solutions for their businesses. By working with Metro you get all of the flexibility we can bring plus the capabilities Microsoft brings too.

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