Protect your reputation

"My reputation grows with every failure." George Bernard Shaw

Your PR, Blogs, Content, Articles, Business Profile listings and Social Media helps to create and sustain a positive view of the business. But what about the thing's others say and do - what others say about you?

Our reputation isn't entirely within our control. Negative press, bad reviews and unfavourable content can seriously harm a business. And we haven't even touched on cybersquatting, impersonation, fake news or trolls!

"In a poll of 1,000 decision makers, 51% said they had experienced unfair reviews or been targeted by 'trolls' - someone who posts inflammatory remarks online." Daily Telegraph. 29 May 2018

What is within our control is how we respond to things that are outside of our control. And that matters.

"Reputation risk is now the biggest risk concern, due in large measure to the rise of social media, which enables instantaneous global communications that make it harder for companies to control how they are perceived in the marketplace." Deloitte. Exploring Strategic Risk. 2013.

Reputation damages impacts business performance today and harms the company's future trading prospects. And when the harm is unsubstantiated it is extremely upsetting for business owners, staff and customers too - but it still sticks.

Most businesses find out what is being said about them when it is too late. When the damage has been done. Metro changes all of that and help you transform from being reactive to being proactive.

Metro provide you with solutions that helps you to proactively manage your business reputation and help you more positively engage with the market.

  • Proactively monitor online sentiment
  • Identify what people are saying about your company, brands and business leaders
  • And where they are saying it - surface and dark web
  • Giving you the tools to manage respond - immediately
  • Defend against cyber-squatting and impersonators
  • Strengthen your ability to manage your reputation

You'll never regret making positive steps to protect your reputation and taking what control you can. Start today and talk to Metro about our fast track "Woe to Wow - Protect Reputation" solutions.

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