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Protecting and securing emails - many people ask why?

Ever wondered why you see the adverts you see when you browse the internet? If the truth be known there's a fair chance that your email has been scanned. Keywords identified and voila - a "relevant" advert magically appears, and will continue to appear until further notice!

email was never designed with privacy or security in mind. Indeed, it was originally created as a fairly simple "store-and-forward" messaging solution to enable people with different computers to communicate with each other. To be more precise, problem is email was designed to communicate in a wide-open manner. So open that anyone who could "watch" network traffic or access email accounts could see everything.

Hardly business class, definitely not confidential and certainly a product of a "gentler" Internet age.

Setting aside increasing demands for digital privacy and confidentiality, enter regulation. Notably the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) and the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR).

Regardless of industry the legal trend is for more privacy plus punishment for those who fail.

In the Financial Services Sector, the Financial Conduct Authority, with its aim of "setting a new standard of personal conduct for everyone working in financial services" states that the SMCR will "hold individuals more accountable for their conduct and competence". It's becoming personal now.

To those who do fail then it's fair to assume that the tests for "conduct and competence" will undoubtedly include the tools they use. With email such a prevalent tool, how can businesses secure something that is fundamentally insecure?

This is where Mailock® saves the day.

The primary challenge is to ensure that your emails, plus contents, are delivered only to the right users.

Once delivered, and from an audit perspective, the business can then confirm when the client opened the email and accessed attachments inside it too. All of which helps meet compliance requirements such as SM&CR, MiFID and GDPR.

Tried, tested and trusted in the City of London, Mailock® ensures that emails are protected on their journey across the internet. And for businesses in the Financial Services Sector, Mailock® is integrated with your Unipass identity. All you need is a Mailock® subscription and we can provide that for you.

emails might not be secure by design however with Mailock® Metro can change that.

  • secure email
  • delivered to the right person
  • can't be read by others
  • get verification of when the email was opened
  • verification of when the contents were read

To secure your emails contact Metro. Or trial the Mailock® service today by clicking on this link.

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