Office 365 free for 3 months #freefor3

Each week Metro is giving the founders of 3 new businesses, Office 365 services free of charge for 3 months. We call it #freefor3 and it's 3 pretty good reasons to start a new business!

Did you know that entrepreneurs give birth to 9.3 new businesses every minute globally? That’s a lot of brave courageous people with ambition and drive starting their day with a massive life-changing event. Producing wealth, creating new jobs and building the economy. Good luck to them all.

Creating a new business is a big step and not for the faint hearted. Even the most battle hardened of serial entrepreneurs will experience obstacles and unexpected events (both good and bad). However, all it takes is one lucky break and you're off. Your business is flying, and the sky is the limit.

Getting there takes commitment, time, energy, passion and focus. Being good with money and getting a bit of luck could be the success factors that makes the difference for your business and that's where Metro comes in.

Metro is helping you get off to a flying start and be part of your success story too. On your side from day 1.

What is Metro offering?

To the founders of brand-new businesses Metro is giving 3 months of Office 365 services, free of charge.

3 new businesses every week will win:

  • We'll provide you, the business founder, with an Office 365* license 100% free of charge for the 1st three months

  • Metro will set Office 365 up for you, free of charge

  • You'll get a business email address using your www domain

  • You'll then have access to Office 365 when you are connected to the web. That's Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook plus lots more. You don't have to buy Microsoft Office software

  • You'll get 1TB of cloud based storage too free of charge

  • And your diary and emails will be synchronised wherever you are

  • If you wish to proceed with then we can extend with a choice of tariffs**

    • £45.60 per user per year (i.e. £3.80 per user per month (pupm) for an annual contract or
    • £4.50 pupm for pay-as-you-go ***
  • Or we can upgrade you to another Office 365 package

  • And it's all licensed for commercial use

  • No need to worry about upgrades anymore because you are always using the latest version of Office 365

Want the latest in Communications Technology too, a business phone system based on Microsoft Teams? We'll set that up free of charge for you too. Our tariffs are seriously competitive too

And for the 1st 3 years of trading, while you are working on your business and focusing on establishing your company, we'll set your new users up for you too, free of charge

You're equipped and ready to go with the best cloud-based business productivity solution money can buy - Office 365 from Microsoft. Plus, the world leading state-of-the-art business phone system based on Microsoft Teams. All brought to you by Metro Communications, a Microsoft Silver Partner focused on Cloud Solutions for Business.

For someone who has just started their business that's a huge pile of great news and big company capability too.

Metro just helped you get a massive head start and you've also saved yourself £100's too.

* Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials license.

** Standard Microsoft pricing applies. Prices before VAT, currently charged at 20%.

*** 30 day rolling contract.

A few conditions

  • Your company is legally registered in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. The acid test is that is we must be able to find your company at Companies House.
  • You must have an up to date Android/IOS phone and or Windows 10 computer that works with Office 365
  • Your device has got internet access
  • You've decided that you are going to own your own business domain e.g. www. and will have access to control panel too. This is important as we've got some technical things to set up. If you haven't got a domain yet then we can help you get that through Microsoft.
  • We will ask you for an email confirming that on behalf of your business you accept Microsoft's Customer Agreement
  • We are asking you to Opt-in to Metro's email, phone and other marketing; our Privacy Policy is in the footer below. When you apply you give us that "Opt-in" consent. If you do not wish to "Opt-in" then do not apply.
  • Please note that this offer is not open to IT and Telecommunications companies

If you have any further questions then please go to this page first. If that doesn't help please contact us using the form below.

What next?
Fill in the form below and tell us how this offer could help you and your new business achieve great things and tell us a bit about your goals. We'll put you in the draw and will be in touch. There will be 3 lucky winners each week and they'll get the service free of charge for 3 months. However everyone* who applies is a winner because they qualify for everything else.

Office 365 is the perfect tool for businesses who want to be competitive and nimble from minute 1 of day 1.

Thank for your interest in working with Metro. We wish you all good luck with your amazing businesses and look forward to working with you.

*Subject to the discretion of the Directors.

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