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The BBC recently reported on an organised criminal group claiming to be Microsoft. This group was scamming people in the UK out of millions of pounds each year. Here's the unedited video created by the hacker who hacked the scammers, passed the details of the scammers to the Indian authorities and also helped a lot of people out too. His alias is Jim Browning.

Not only does this video give us an insight into the world of organised criminals but also provides real evidence about scammers and their ruthless character.

Right now let's look at Microsoft Partners. If a business approaches you and claims to be a Microsoft Partner, how can you check that they actually are?

Here's 3 simple checks that a legitimate Microsoft Partner should be able to respond to pretty quickly.

1. Ask them for their MPN - Microsoft Partner Number. It's normally 7 digits long. You can check that MPN number with Microsoft.

Metro's MPN is 5272647

2. Ask for a copy of their confirmation letter from Microsoft. The letter from Microsoft confirming their status as a Microsoft Partner. Note the date is in USA format i.e. Month/Day/Year

Here's Metro's

Image of a letter from Microsoft

3. Search Microsoft's website for the company. Microsoft's webpage is here.

Enter your company location + your company size + the products and services you are looking for. Then press search.

If the company doesn't appear in the search, not all do, then press the "Partners" button in the search results page, and enter the name of the company.

If the company appears in the search results then they are an authorised Microsoft partner because this page is managed by Microsoft.

Here's Metro's profile on the Microsoft website.

The company you are talking to should be able to provide you with those details pretty quickly.

Microsoft's UK phone number is 020 3880 8075.

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