Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 = Windows 10 + Office 365 + Enterprise Mobility and Security

Microsoft 365 is all of the IT the vast majority of us use every day. A complete bundle that includes Office 365, Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) package. EM+S is a rich suite of mobility and security tools that provide enhanced protection for your data.

Microsoft 365 capabilities includes:

  • GDPR: Restrict pasting and save only to OneDrive
  • Control and protect data with data loss protection
  • Classify emails and documents
  • Advanced encryption. Tracking and revoke access

Microsoft 365 offers businesses the ability to simplify IT management, to bring productivity tools to employees while safeguarding the business and protecting data at the same time.

  • Secure identity
  • Secure devices
  • Secure apps
  • Secure email
  • Secure collaboration
  • Secure documents
  • New features and updates are automatic.

You get your Windows operating system, Office productivity applications, mobile and security all bundled into one simple package. Updates are taken care of too.

Microsoft 365 enables you to focus more on what matters to your business - your business !

Packaged for value. Available in a variety of subscription plans.

Convenience. It's all there. Windows, Office, Security and updates.

Productivity. Open, modify, collaborate and save documents anywhere.

Security. Keep your data safe and prevent accidental data loss.

Talk to Metro about moving your business onto a more secure, more reliable future with Microsoft 365.

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