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Unified communications was meant to be all about collaboration with communication - but it never was unified. Not until now!

Now users can work together on content - at the same time - wherever they are. And that collaboration is real unified communications and it's been brought to you by Microsoft with the Microsoft Teams product.

Teams is growing fast with an estimated 20,000,000 users using the Teams each day (Q4/2019). Take the sharing tools within Office 365 and add Teams and your business has a real game changer. By connecting Teams to the telephone network Microsoft has created a brilliant solution, perfect for aspirational businesses who need to operate flexibility. It's called Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

It's a great solution and some technical knowledge to set it up will be very useful and make life easier for you. However it lacks some important functionality specifically for businesses that operate in regulated markets or have contact centres. Those companies need Teams to do more. More of the things phone systems have been readily able to do in the past !

That’s what Metro Teams is all about. Taking Microsoft Teams and making it brilliant for those businesses.

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Metro takse Microsoft Teams and add more make it the best Unified Communications Solution on the market.

The first thing we do is we connect Teams to the global telecommunications network and then a key pad appears on your Teams app. We then add a phone number and a calling plan - you can now make and receive business phone calls directly from your Teams app - on your PC, MAC or mobile.

We then give you the options of adding PCIDSS & MiFID 2 compliant call recording services and / or Teams based Contact Centre functionality.

And your users? Well they just carry on using Teams. No more phones on the desk!

Metro Teams starts where Unified Communications left off.

  • Local phone numbers in the UK and Internationally
  • Keep your business number
  • A competitive call plan enabling you to make and receive phone calls from Teams
  • PCIDSS and MiFID2 compliant call recording
  • Teams based contact centre

Teams changed how businesses communicate. Metro makes Teams even better.

Talk to us about moving from your phone system and contact centre to Metro Teams.

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