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Unified communications were meant to be all about collaboration with communication - but there wasn't much collaboration and it was never unified. Not until now! Microsoft Teams has changed absolutely everything delivering incredible levels of collaboration that keeps getting better and richer.

Teams is Microsoft's fastest ever-growing product with an estimated 20,000,000 users using Teams each day (Q4/2019). It's an absolute game changer for business.

By enabling Teams to connect to the telephone network Microsoft has created a brilliant solution, perfect for aspirational businesses who need to operate flexibility. It's called Microsoft 365 Business Voice. It's a great solution and one that really does unify collaboration and communications.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a well-defined general purpose small business phone system and a great all round solution for many small and medium businesses. When businesses want something more, something different, then the good news is that that is possible too. And that's where Metro Teams comes in.

Taking Microsoft Teams and making it brilliant for businesses who need a bit more flexibility and choice.

Metro takes Microsoft Teams and adds more to make it the best Business Communications Solution on the market.

The first thing we do is we add a phone number and a competitive calling plan then connect Teams to the global telecommunications network. A keypad then appears on your Teams app - you can now make and receive business phone calls directly from your Teams app. On your PC, MAC or mobile, wherever you are.

We then give you more options. Adding call recording including PCIDSS / MiFID 2 compliant call recording, Teams based Contact Centre functionality or feature rich PBX functionality - but inside Teams.

And your users? Well they just carry on using Teams. No more phones on the desk, not unless you really want one!

Metro Teams starts where Unified Communications left off.

  • Local phone numbers in the UK and Internationally
  • Keep your business number
  • A competitive call plan enabling you to make and receive phone calls from Teams
  • PCIDSS and MiFID2 compliant call recording
  • Teams based contact centre
  • PBX rich functionality

Teams changed how businesses collaborate. Metro Teams changes how businesses communicate.

Talk to Metro about moving from your phone system and contact centre to Metro Teams. Or move to Microsoft 365 Business Voice with Metro. Metro is one of very few Microsoft Partners in the UK with Telecommunications knowledge, skills and abilities. We're also a registered Communications Provider, regulated by Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator.

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