Augmented Reality for Renewable Energy Professionals

We all know that the future is in renewable energy however there is still a lot of work to be done before we can move to a 100% renewable energy supply. Whilst hydrogen and tidal offer mush promise the leaders today are Solar and Wind.

Demanding jobs that are potentially very dangerous. From working with high voltage DC system through to climbing tall turbines and working on gearboxes or hanging in the air while repairing blades, engineers have demanding and dangerous jobs.

Often working in isolated areas, renewable energy professionals are a new breed of pioneers. Often troubleshooting a variety of problems in all weathers. Given the manual nature of the work, renewable energy engineers need both hands on the job.

Metro gives them both hands plus access to all of the documentation and support they could ever need. From libraries of readily accessible technical information through to work-flows that guides the user through inspections and testing routines that automatically generates reports and sends them when the tasks are completed.

A powerful tool that really does help renewables engineers to do their job:

  • Voice controlled
  • Guides the user through structured processes and compliance related work-flows
  • Powerful communication and collaboration
  • Automates report generation
  • Full audit including video and photograph
  • RealWear HMT-1 ruggedised for industrial use.

Contact Metro to discuss your requirements and scope your fast-track project to a more productive and safer way of working.

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