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CPQ, or Configure, Price and Quote, enables companies to do business with their customers in more engaging and faster ways than ever before. Specifically by offering customers solutions that are an exact, or close to, fit with the customer requirement.

Almost universally companies today operate in fiercely competitive markets. This is driven by customers expectations rising in particular their demand for solutions that fit their precise needs.

If rising to those challenges is the right response then working out how to satisfy customers needs for mass customisation is the strategy of winners?

Welcome to configure, price and quote (CPQ).

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Configure, price and quote (CPQ) solutions helps customers to configure products, price them and generate a fully detailed quote. In business-to-business markets CPQ is typically done in a B2B webshop or by the sales professional who then sends the customer a quote. In B2C markets the same technology is used for a slightly different application, Guided Selling. This is where users navigate a "needs oriented, interactive" interface which helps them to better discover their needs and guides them on a journey to identify the solutions that best fits their needs.

Businesses that use CPQ gain massive competitive advantages over their competitors. By integrating CPQ with Dynamics 365 your business is not only better equipped to serve current customers but also perfectly placed to exploit global markets too.

We are free to recommend the best solution for your business. Through our partnerships Metro is able to offer our customers a great choice of two highly respected CPQ solutions.

  • Manufacturing CPQ specialists Tacton - in collaboration with cpq.se who are partners to both Tacton and Metro.
  • KB Max - Niche CPQ vendor covering all industries and Metro's go-to-vendor for non-manufacturing customers.

CPQ and guided selling are key to generating more business.

  • Suppliers quote quicker and can respond faster to customers
  • Suppliers sell with accurate pricing
  • Suppliers eliminate internal errors
  • Suppliers slash the time and effort to generate and refine quotes
  • Customers find or creates solutions that are an excellent fit with their needs

Metro brings a fresh approach to CPQ. We make it easier for businesses to get started and realise the benefits of CPQ technology. What's more Metro addresses all markets - from Manufacturing through to Financial Services - because CPQ is all about aligning customer needs with the solutions you offer.

Talk to Metro about our "Woe to Wow CPQ" projects. We'll get you started quickly, deliver quick project wins and profile payment to provide a great "return on investment alignment" for your business.

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