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A Microsoft Partner and Ofcom registered 'Communications Provider', Metro is exceptionally well placed to help you select the right communications solution for your business.

We offer a variety of telecommunications solutions centred around Microsoft Teams; the ultimate collaboration tool for business that offers so much more that even the best phone system could ever offer. We also offer world leading Secure Communications solutions too.

These solutions enables your business to communicate efficiently, at scale and with privacy assured too. They'll enable you to work innovatively too. Messaging, file and document sharing, desktop sharing, calls, video - internally and with customers and suppliers too.

And when it matters most, for the most sensitive and confidential of information, Metro offers state-of-the-art, secure communications solutions that are easy to use, validated by regulators and industry experts and are also surprisingly affordable.

Metro Teams

You use teams, have limited resources and want choices. We connect Teams to the telephone network; you can now make and receive calls from Teams. You can have more features too. Call recording, Contact Centre or feature rich PBX functionality. Teams just upgraded from being the perfect collaboration tool to becoming the ideal business communications solution. Better than your phone system ever was. For startups, small and medium enterprises through to firms who operate in regulated markets, Metro makes Teams Telephony better and more affordable.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Based on Teams, Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a small business phone system that is cloud based. It is targeted at organisations with 300 or fewer staff. Seamlessly integrated with Office 365, it allows you to connect from any device running Office 365, in any location, with valuable features like using phone numbers from your Outlook address book. Microsoft gives you the option to use their network services or to work with other providers. Metro helps you select the right solution for your business and support you too.

Secure Communications

We turn your mobile into a secure means of communication by using a secure communications app that has been validated by the UK technical authority for Secure Communications. Metro doesn't stop there. We also encrypt your emails and verify delivery to the right person too. These services are invaluable for assuring company confidentiality and affordable too. Discretion and assuring your privacy is a crucial part of Metro's Secure Communications services too.

Direct routing for Enterprises

Teams Direct Routing enables Enterprises with more than 300 staff, to connect their Microsoft Teams users to their corporate telephony and IT infrastructure. You'll require a Session Border Controller (SBC) sourced from a Microsoft certified partner. You'll then need to configure it, connect it and test it. There's a lot to do. Or you can work with Metro's experts. We'll provision a world class solution for you and be there should you ever need in-service support.

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